Really Love It Enterprise Is The Only Manufacture Of The Strongest Hair Wefting Tape On The Market Today!
We Sell Our Own Exclusive Specialty Hair Extension Tape. Made in the USA Only.

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2015 Hair Extension Trends are here and if you want to be ahead of the time's and learn to make your own hair extensions then the time is now! because you can learn all you need to no just by watching our free online education how to videos and save big money.  

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  • Learn how to make machine wefted hair extensions. 
  • (see our how-to video)
  • Perfect for making seamless hair extension  (using the sandwiched method )
  • Great hold to use over a machine weft and hand tied hair extensions    
  • Our extension tape’s is a Double-Sided Adhesive tape.
  • Hair wefting tape is made with two different adhesives for a longer stronger hold.



The Most Preferred Hair Extension and Wig Liner Tape

Finally, a perfect tape made to be used with bulk hair so you can make your own thin wefts that lay flat on your head. These seamless thin wefts will last as long as any machine wefted hair. It can look and feel just like a skin weft, for a fraction of the cost! USING OUR SPECIALTY HAIR TAPE IT CAN BE MADE FOR LESS! THERE IS NO OTHER TAPE BEING SOLD TODAY THAT CAN BE USED FOR BOTH METHODS....

Hair wefting tape was made for individuals who want to make their own piano colored wefts and the synthetic hair wearers. Hair wefting tape is a special double sided extended long wear tape with an aggressive hold on the inside that will hold bulk hair tight with no shedding as long as you follow the application video.



                                        REALLY LOVE IT THIN LINE TAPES


Really Love It ~ Thin Line is our double sided hair extension tape used for all your hair extension needs. When using our new thin line, you can be sure to have a long lasting "flat to your head" hair extension. All these thin tapes can be used for seamless covering wefts or making an already machine wefted extension, all our thin line tapes are perfect for lace front wigs and also as liner tapes for all wig applications.



Long Lasting Salon Bond Hair Extension tape is our strongest holding thin line tape, it has a matte finish and is perfect for all your hair extension needs! Used for re-attachment tape on pre made PU hair weft extensions, already machine wefted hair extensions and your already made using hair wefting tape seamless weft hair extensions, its leaves less residue when removed. This is our most popular hair extension tape sold all over the world.



Maximum Hold SINGLE SIDE Tape Tabs
SINGLE SIDED HAIR EXTENSION TAPE TABS -WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT ITS STICKY ON ONE SIDE ONLY - Comes in tab form only and the size is 1/4" x 1-1/2 Tape Tabs using our maximum hold tape brand.

 Thin Line tape should never be used for making a bulk hair/seamless weft hair extension.

You should always use our Hair Wefting Tape for this purpose.

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Our tape has been aggressively tested and manufactured as a skin safe, hypoallergenic tape. Its outside has a non-shine matte finish so nobody can see you're wearing a taped in weft. No more globs of tape left on your hair. It's not just another hair tape, it is the best of all hair extension tapes made and tested for all taped in hair extensions. Hair Wefting Tape is a perfect tape for all your hair extensions applications.

A perfect tape for all machine wefted hair. No more messy take downs. Just wash, dry, re-glue the tape on the in-side and go! No glue is nessesary for the outside as long as you are using the sandwich method our hair extension tape will hold for months with no damage. As long as you go slow with your take downs you can re- apply and grow out your own hair at the same time.